Thursday, 22 January 2015

#Ancillary 3. Digipak vs. CD case

So, what is the different between a digipak and a CD case?

The most obvious different between the two, is that a CD case is made of plastic, and has 4 sides (excluding spines - including inside), where a digipak has 6 (also excluding spines - and including all inside surfaces), but is made of card.
Although cheaper to make, due to the 'exclusivity' and 'collectability' of the digipak, it often costs more to buy, as fans see them as a collectable item, and it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Below is the typical design of a cd case, with 4 main areas, then the spine on the outside also.

Below here is the typical layout of a digipak, as you can see it has 6 printable surfaces and all are made of card.

Along with both, there will usually be a booklet, filled with pictures within the theme, or lyrics and production information.

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