Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#Advert 1 - Conventions of CD advertising

An advert for a musical album/single can really boost the sales if it's done well. A typical advert for a CD/Digipak would contain similar things to the album/digipak itself, like the font, and images.

For example, here is Ellie Goulding's advert for her album 'Lights', along with the album cover for the same album.

It is important that there are these similarities because it makes the album identifiable to the advert, and easier to spot if shopping in a store like HMV where there are many different albums, so it is important that your album cover stands out, along with the advert/poster.

You can match an album to the advert through use of colour, font, and image - all simple but effect when done well.

So how has Ellie Goulding effectively used advertising to sell her album?
  • The image is very striking. She has used a simple image of herself (a close up shot), and added some little golden lights, to a) fit with the title, which works well, and to b) draw attention and brighten up the cover/advert. The way she has matched the little lights to strands of hair works very well and gives it a magical sort of effect.
  • The text stands out, being golden in colour and surrounded by a gold glow. It immediately gives off a good vibe about the album, as gold is seen as a warm, positive colour. The text is also used across all of the releases related to this album, with all the single and EP releases, so makes it recognisable in the sense that it all links together.
  • The reviews give positive feedback, and therefore persuade more people to buy the album, as it is apparently good!

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