Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#Advert 2 - Importance of printed advert

Printed adverts are hugely important as they draw attention to a product, whether it is music or not. However they are not as important as they were.

Album/artist adverts used to be found in magazines, but now, the sales of magazines have decreased (within the last few years) as shown in the graph below.
Many of the A4 paper ads (similar to what we have to recreate) would be found in magazines, and since the general sales of magazines have decreased, these are less common.

The sort of adverts that might be found in magazines are similar to the ones below, found in a fairly old issue of 'Q'...

Now though, however, even though magazines are still sold, musicians invest less in magazine advertising, as there are less people to see the advert, therefore not as much revenue would be generated from placing an advert (which isn't cheap) into a magazine.

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