Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#Evaluation 3 - Audience Feedback and view count data.

In the time between the 3rd of February 2015 and youtube's latest date figure (7th March 2015 - analytics don't get updated every day!), here is some of the data shown on the analytics page, with graphs showing the amount of views, minutes watched, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, and the different countries where the video has been watched.

We can see that the video has been particularly popular in the United Kingdom, possibly because that is the country where the majority of my friends and family would be watching from.

The above shows where the views have been coming from. The majority from an external website, most probably Facebook, where both Kaisey and I have shared the video multiple times.

All the following is feedback received from several posts on facebook.

Below is some audience feedback from my classmates!

So what have I learnt from my audience feedback?
I have learnt from my feedback that my video is good, as pretty much all of the comments are positive and praising certain aspects of the video, like the lighting, lip synching, and storyline. I had one comment about the lip synching being out a bit, and this is because I matched the audio track to the lip synching of David in shots where both David and Victor are 'singing' together, as David knew the song better, so emphasised the words more, and was more correct with the rhythm than Victor. Another reason the lip sync may have gone out of time on certain internet connections, i.e. on slower connections it may not work as well as on a faster, more reliable connection.

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