Thursday, 6 November 2014

#18 Key Elements of a Pop Video and Theorists

Pop videos have to contain several key elements, each of which is vital to engage the target audience, and the people that will actually be listening to the music .

All popular pop music videos have use of very bright colours, and it makes it more visually pleasing. It also grabs the attention, so if there is an advert, it would instantly grab attention, and make people want to see the full video.

The costume is often just high street clothing, or something that is currently in fashion, so the latest craze in t-shirts and jeans, and hair style! Quite often there is school uniform involved, making the band/singer appear younger, therefore more appealing to a teenage audience.

Cuts that fit with the music.
In pop videos, there are many different cuts and scene changes that fit with the music, so the shot changes on every xth beat of the song.

A theory that we would conform to is Andrew Goodwin's 'The Conventions of Music Videos', where music videos match the music, i.e. a relationship between the visuals, either amplifying or illustrating the lyrics. We aim to do this by making the boys in the band 'want to be a rockstar' - as the lyrics say they want to be. We will also have images that match the lyrics, e.g. for the line' there's a boy thinking of her', show a shot of a boy thinking with quick cuts to the girl he's thinking of!

Another theory we will use as a Walter Lippmann's stereotype theory. We will use stereotypes of certain images to help us think up costumes, as we want our boy band to look like a stereotypical boy band, not only with what they wear, but with the way they act as well. 

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