Saturday, 1 November 2014

#17 Possible institutions to show our video

There are several possible institutions that could produce and exhibit our video. 

YouTube would possibly be my choice, as it is free to exhibit videos, and also one of the most popular websites on the web.
A lot of music videos are judged by popularity on youtube, by the amount of views, and there is often competition amongst artists to try to get the new record of 'so many views in a certain amount of time'. Also a lot of teenagers spend a lot of time flicking through videos on youtube, to find the next big thing.

4music is a popular music channel for freeview users, as they don't have access to MTV. This music channel shows all the music in the charts, as well as new releases, 'old' songs' and videos, and some TV programmes, such as 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. It also shows music game shows, run by the channel, which are popular amongst its main teenage audience. If 4music exhibited our video, I believe it would certainly boost the popularity. 
4music also occasionally helps to produce videos, which would certainly be a bonus, however, the channel is only really known in the UK, not in the USA, which is a key area to break into in the music industry.

SYCO is a record label, owned by Simon Cowell. This is the label 'One Direction' were originally signed to after 'The X Factor'. This may be a good label to look into for help in production and exhibition, as it has produced one of the biggest boy bands, with the biggest fan base, full of teenage fan girls! The label opened in 2002, and is good for distribution in both the UK and Stateside!

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