Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#24 Meet The Cast!

Meet the Cast:

Victor is one of our two male lipsynchers in the band. The reason behind choosing Victor is he has a very individual style that could easily influence the viewers of the video. We are keen on having his own influence on his costume so that he is dressed slightly differently than the others (we intend to have the others dressed a lot more mainstream). This would give Victor a signifier and something his 'fans' could identify him as in the band. We also chose Victor because he has a background of lipsynching (Edinburgh Fringe 2014) and is a very able actor. He also has a large personality that will fit perfectly into the stereotypical fun boy band member. He plays guitar too so his instrument playing will look believable. 


Michael is the guitarist in which the love story is concerned. The reason we chose Michael is that he has featured in previous years music videos which means that he has experience. As well as this he is very confident so he should have no problem with acting along side the opposite gender. He has the boy band look that we are trying to achieve and a good fashion style. He is also a guitarist which will mean that the playing shots will look more realistic. 


David is the other lipsyncher as well as Victor. The reason behind choosing David is that he also has the look too. He is a musician so this means that in the music scenes he will be able to play believable. He is also a keen actor with lots of acting experience so he will have no problem with the amount of acting we are expecting him to do. As well as his acting, he has a lot of confidence for the boy band front man. His friendship with Victor will also mean that they can double act really well together.


Lizzie will be playing our female love interest. The reasons behind choosing lizzie are the following; She has a lot of experience with acting so we know that she is a capable actor. She has been in several productions where she has had to be the love interest which means she is aware of what we will be expecting of her. She is an attractive girl with a style both edgy and casual. Therefore there will be no disagreements about dressing her up in edgy clothing. She is also very good to work with and a friendly, likeable character. 

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