Friday, 7 November 2014

#19 Story Plan

We have big ambitions for our video! Here is our main idea...
The music video starts following a girl as she walks an after school detention classroom. All of the boys in the band have been given detention for messing around and singing loudly in class. As two of the boys get on with their work, the other nods off in the back of the classroom. In walks the beautiful looking girl wearing alternative clothing (band merchandise) and very thick eyeliner. The teacher hands her some paper and then sits down. The boys wake up the other one (Michael*) to point her out, he stares at her beauty. The girl takes out her headphones and starts listening to music whilst staring out of the window. The boys decide they have had enough of detention and knock the desk over and run out, sending paper flying everywhere, leaving her startled.
Scenes of them playing music will surface throughout a long with several situations where the two boys make fun of the other about liking the girl. Cross cutting then occurs between the scene of the boys playing music and the girl walking in the park and sitting by the tree (possibly writing). The boys end up being in the same park handing out leaflets to their own show, they spot her and push Michael* in her direction with leaflets. They then leave so he's left on his own. He decides to walk over to her and sits by her, she looks up and smiles, they have a moment. He hands her the leaflet and she nods her head.
More cross cutting involving the band playing and cute moments involving the couple:
The boys are rehearsing, she is walking outside about to put her headphones in and hears them so she peers through the window, smiles to herself and keeps walking. Cross cut again to them playing.
He sees her walking in the School the next day, catches up to her and talks to her. Gives her a note, tells her to meet him in the rehearsal room after school. Michael teaches her to play piano, they are sitting together at the piano smiling and laughing as he teaches her a small tune. He puts her hair behind her ear.
The boys have their first gig and Michael looks towards the audience and he doesn't see her, is disheartened. At the end of their show, they are clearing things away and he sees her in the wings holding his leaflet and their sheet music. He runs to her and gives her a hug.
He leans in to kiss her, realises the other two have been watching the whole time, leans in and covers their face with sheet music.

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