Friday, 31 October 2014

#16 How my video will attract my perfect audience member...

To attract the perfect 'fangirl' audience member, we will do a few stereotypical boy band shots and plots.
We are going to show the band in school, as rebels, which is what every fangirl loves about boy bands - the rebellious side to them.
The boys in the band (3 of them), will all be good friends, who are all chasing one girl, who just happens to play a musical instrument that they need in their band.
Eventually, the boys and the girl will all play together in a show, and will be united, which is like the happy ending to a fairy story - another thing fangirls love.
The band will also be the popular ones in the school, and every girl that see's them will want them, but they say no. Therefore the fangirls would want to be like the girl who gets to hang around with them, as they want to hang around with their idols.
We will do close ups of the bands faces, with that cheeky boy band smile that all the teenage girls love!
Another shot we will do which teenage girls love is the close up of the playing of guitars, as teenage fangirls may find boys in bands who play guitars more attractive than others!

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