Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#10 Textual analysis of similar videos

Busted - What I Go To School For on MUZU.TV. Busted- ‘What I Go To School for’ music video analysis This video contains a few classroom scenes, which is similar to what we wish to use for the start of our video. However we would want the boys to be chasing a student, not the teacher. The light in the classroom is natural light. You can see it coming in through the windows. It makes the scene seem more relaxed than most other classroom scenarios in music videos, which is sort of what I would like our video to be like. The natural light makes it easier to understand, and see what’s going on, whereas in a dark room, it adds gloominess, but I think it means you see less. The points where the classroom is not filled with daylight is where the room is filled by the light coming from the film projector, which provides sufficient light, and builds suspense for what’s coming when we see the room in full light. The costumes that the students (band et al.) are wearing are school uniforms, with typical ties, blazers and shirts. This makes the school parts of this video seem more real, and makes the band look more like real pupils. The uniform also helps us to tell that the boys are some of the ‘cooler’ ones, as they are wearing their ties and shirts slightly different to everyone else. You can also see they stand out from the crowd because of the large amount of hair gel they are wearing! There is a wide range of shots in the video, inlcuding the typical close ups, mid shot of the band sat down, extreme close ups of the face etc. There is a match on action shot when one member of the band drops a pencil and the teacher picks it up. This shows us how much the band member admire the teacher, as the lyrics to the song tell us what she is doing, and why too, making it much mire clear that the student likes the teacher. One other iconic shot is the low angle shot of the lads jumping while (quite obviously) pretending to play their guitars. This makes it look like they have jumped higher; therefore making them seem more atheletic. This shot is also a long shot, which shows a large crowd of other “cool” students dancing behind the band, proving their popularity amongst students. The video is set mainly in a classroom, but sometimes outside on what appears to be a typical British council estate. The classroom, yet again, makes the video seem more like it realy is about school boys. When the lights go out in the classroom for the movie, it makes the room seem atmospheric, and seems to make the boys more excited about the prospect of the teacher walking in and teaching them, showing us close ups of her finger nails, which are red. Red is significant because it has connotations of love, but also of evil. The council estate scenes show us that the area they are in isn’t great, and is probably full of other weird things. It also explains the way they are wearing their uniform. Mika – ‘Grace Kelly’ Music video analysis In this video, there are a lot of images of a band playing live and is mainly foccused on the singer, Mika. I would really like to use images of a live band in my video, and this is great inspiration. The main lighting in this video is quite dark, as it is set in a room, which is of a reasonable size, at night or in the evening, as there is absolutely no light coming in from outside the windows. This makes it seem like more like a rehearsal of a band than a live show. It also makes it feel much more intimate, and thay you are closer to the band. However, there is use of handheld lights. In one scene, there is some of the band members waving tube lights around in slow motion pretending to be fighting. This is effective as it makes it look like they are having a lot of fun, like normal friends do. It also makes the video look more fun when mika is swinging the light around by himself whilst singing. In the video, Mika is always wearing bright colours, which makes him stand out from the other band members as the main guy. Also wearing bright colours is the young girl, who speaks at the start and at the end. She is wearing a lime green poofy dress, which makes her look young and angelic, but at the same time a little bit cheeky. The video is set mainly in one room of a large house, which contains many upper class features, like large windows and a huge, detailed fireplace. This shows that maybe the party/rehearsal that happened was a group of friends in maybe a parents’ house. One of the key shots for me in this video is the eyeline match shots between mika and the small girl. When he’s playing the piano and singing at the same time, he’s always looking up and the girl, and when the camera turns to the girl, she’s looking at him. This shows that maybe the song is like a conversation between the two of them and they are engaging deep eye contact.

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