Friday, 24 October 2014

#13 Mood Board

Here is the mood board I have created for the ideas I would like to use in my music video. I have included several shots of live bands performing, because each of the pictures has different lighting, and therefore gives a different effect to the people who are viewing.
I also included an image of an emo, because I think for the female character in our video, it would suit the style, as it makes her look more 'out there' and 'individual'.
I also included an image of a recording studio, as I think it would be good to have a shot with the 'band' recording some material, as this is sort of what makes a band, and their image in a music video.
I have put an image of a male singer singing into a microphone, in a close up shot, as I think this is a must for all pop videos, as it features in many 'boy band' pop videos, therefore, should feature in ours.
There is an image of the St. Trinians uniform, as it is the sort of thing I would like the characters to be wearing at the start of the video while in detention.

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