Friday, 10 October 2014

#11 Nine key shots from another pop video

Superheroes - The Script
These are 9 key shots, from left to right, top to bottom...
1. The first shot is an establishing shot. It shows us the environment that the video is set in, and the type of people in the video. It shows us that this is probably in a poorer part of the world, as it looks overpopulated and the quality of houses does not look good, and in the background it looks like there's a slum.
2. This shot is a mid shot of the band, who are playing the song, that is the track for this video. It shows them higher up than everyone else, on a stage, and makes them look really important compared to everyone else in the shot, who are at the foot of the stage dancing. We see that they have expensive equipment, and then a piano with most of its panels missing, which makes it fit in with the background scenery better.
3. A long shot of a man, alone in his house getting ready for the day ahead. As he is alone, this suggests that he is one of the main characters in the video, and that we'll see more of him later in the video. His house looks dark, and quite dirty, and makes him look more desperate for a companion.
4. A series of shots of the man leaving his home, with what looks like a bag full of things. He looks like a silhouette as he walks into the sunset/rise, making the shot look more edgy. We see some rubbish on the streets, showing us how deprived the area is, and that maybe he's trying to escape.
5. The crowd of people watching the band. This again shows how untidy the place is, with overgrown plants etc. We see that the members of the crowd are all having fun.
6. A long, low angle shot of a young girl, sitting alone on the steps outside. She appears to be waiting for someone, maybe the man we saw earlier? This shot makes her look vulnerable, as she is also sat in the shadows. This shot of her on her own would also imply she is a key character in the video.
7.  This is a very effective shot. It makes the band stand out as silhouettes and shows the local people having fun, and waving their flares in the air. The smoke adds mood to the scene, making it seem more dangerous as the night falls.
8. The birds flying in this scene may symbolise freedom. They take off from the place where the lonely man is. It is a low angle shot, put into slow motion. 
9. This is a key shot for the video, where the lonely man, found the girl, and they appear to be father and daughter, along with a few shot reverse shots of the two approaching each other, we see them embracing. It is a very happy moment, and is shown in a mid shot, with the sun setting in the background.

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