Friday, 31 October 2014

#14 Audience Research - Why they watch the videos they watch...

Here is my audience research, which I carried out on web messengers!!

From my mum...

From a good friend (my fellow production buddy)
I basically just like any music which has a good beat and good lyrics and I like certain artist styles the video doesn't really influence it because if it was a bad music video it wouldn't put me off the song, I like music videos with narratives and lip synching... I don't like music videos with too much dancing or irrelevance

From another good friend...
I listen to most my music on youtube, so it is quite important for me that the video is good too. It has to grab my attention, and be fun, and have structure (a story line). If the video is boring, and very random, I won't watch it, its not worth it.

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