Thursday, 2 October 2014

#7 Things to Consider

We aim to use a number of different types of lighting in our video, as we want to create more than one atmosphere. I believe that lights can really change the atmosphere in a shot.
We would use some dramatic lighting for a show scene towards the end of our video, using spot lights, and other lights aimed at a stage and a band. At the start we would use fairly natural lighting for a classroom scene.

Camera work and editing
We would use a variety of different camera angles and editing skills. We aim to edit the shots to the beat, as this proves effective in pop videos. We will use a wide range of shots, including low angle, close up, mid shot, and many more!

Lip Synching
We want to make really good use of lip synching, as we believe it will really enhance the feel of our video. We will make sure that when we film the lip sync shots, the person in the shot knows the words and can gear the track so it will be in time!

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